BA Systems develops and produces components and software for BMS usage.

As specialists in automation and control, BA Systems offers integrated solutions for the business areas energy- and infrastructure, industri, datacenters, network, building automation and housing. Our solutions makes the energy safer, reliable and effective.

BA Systems works with indoor climate, energy savings and security, safeguarding good economy, well-being and safety - without the use of excess energy. 

BA Systems products have been marketed using brandnames ISC 2000, ISC 2100, ISC 5000, Innova 914/929. 

BA Systems products are now mainly being sold using our own brand and products as ISC 2100 is named BAS 920. The controller called Innova 914/929 is now named BAS 914/929.


  • ISC 2000  →     BAS920
  • ISC 2100   →     BAS920
  • ISC 5000  →     BAS 920
  • Innova 914S  →   BAS918S
  • Innova 929S  →   BAS929S